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Ready To Mow Service

Ready To Mow TrailerRoeder Outdoor Power’s Ready to Mow Trailer brings at-home maintenance for you without the hassle of pickup and delivery!!  

Maintenance is available for all models including engine oil and filter changes, blade sharpening, deck leveling, transmission fluid and filter change, belt replacement, simple repairs and much more. Additional charge for services outside of Dubuque will apply.

Package prices include all parts that are needed to complete service. Choose the package that’s right for you by calling 1-800-942-4673 or 563-556-2071 or email to schedule your Ready to Mow appointment with our service department today.


Call for pricing on belt or battery replacement or additional services not covered in our packages.

Packages We Offer
  • 1. Silver Walk Mower Package

    • Sharpens and Balances Blades
    • Change Oil and Filter
    • Clean Mower Deck

    $110.95 plus tax

    Includes labor & oil (oil filter if equipped) 
    All other repair parts & additional labor extra
    Bring in $96.95 plus tax

  • 2. Silver Tractor Package

    • Sharpens and Balances Blades
    • Lube Oil and Filter
    • Clean Mower Deck (Top to Bottom)

    $160 - $200 plus tax

    Includes labor & parts for Silver Package
    All other repair parts & additional labor extra
    bring in $130 - $175 plus tax and to add a Deck Level $57.50

  • 3. Gold Walk Mower Package

    • Clean Mower Deck
    • Replace Air Filter
    • Replace Spark Plug
    • Grease All Fittings
    • Sharpen and Balance Blades
    • Change Engine Oil (and filter if equipped)
    • Inspect All Belts
    • Check Safety System
    • Check Carburetor Settings
    • Test Overall Operation of Mower

    $152.95 plus tax

    Inludes labor for inspection, oil & parts for Gold Package.
    All other repair parts & additional labor extra.
    Bring in $137.95 plus tax

  • 4. Gold Tractor Package

    • Clean Mower Deck (Top to Bottom)
    • Replace Air Filter
    • Test Battery and Clean Terminals
    • Replace Spark Plug(s)
    • Change Engine Oil and Filter
    • Sharpen And Balance Blades
    • Inspect All Belts, Bearings, Spindles, and Pulleys
    • Balance Tire Pressure and Level Mower Deck
    • Check Carburetor Settings
    • Check All Fluid Levels
    • Test Overall Operation and Safety System

    $296 - $345 plus tax

    Lawn or Garden Tractor
    Bring in $270 - $330 plus tax