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Intuitive Controls

Similar to a zero-turn mower, making Z-Aerate models easier and less tiring to operate.

Free-Floating Center Tines

Allow turning and maneuvering with the tines engaged without damaging the turf.

Compact Design

Enables Z-Aerate 24 to fit through 36-inch yard gates. Leverage the increased productivity and reduced operator fatigue of a stand-on machine on a wider range of properties.

Integrated Hydraulic System

Reduces machine downtime by eliminating rubber hoses, reducing potential leak points and stopping cross-contamination of hydraulic components.

Dual-Drive Design

Driven by both the wheels and tines for unmatched traction and maneuverability on any turf..

Zero-Turn Maneuverability

Enables easy navigation of tight spaces for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Adjustable Hydraulic Down Pressure

Delivers up to 1,200-pounds of down-pressure, enabling the Z-Aerate machines to pull plugs up to five inches deep.


Rear Tires 16.5 X 4-8 TURF SAVER
Front Tires 11 X 4-5 SEMI-PNEUMATIC
Number of Tines 36 coring tines
Core Depth 5" Max
Plugs / Square Foot 4.6
Onboard Intelligence Smart Controller
UPC 193308000848
Power Components  
Drive Hydro-Drive
Transmission Hydro-Gear ZT-3100
Speed 0-7.0 mph (11.2 kph) forward
Fuel Capacity 1.9 gal (7L)
Gate Width 36"
Width 35.50" (90.2 cm)
Height 51.0" (129.5 cm)
Length 68.6" (173.2 cm)
Curb Weight 979 lbs
Engine Brand Kohler
Engine Model CH440
Engine Spec PH-CH440-3248
Engine Displacement 429cc