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Chain is durable for light-duty trenching jobs

Cuts 15.2-cm (6-in.) wide and digs up to 91.4-cm (36-in.) deep Cuts 15.2-cm (6-in.) wide and digs up to 91.4-cm (36-in.) deep

The trencher's durable chain gets under the frost line, cutting a 15.2-cm (6-in.) width and digging a channel up to 91.4-cm (36-in.) deep. 

35.6-cm (14-in.) discharge auger lightens workload

Pushes dirt aside, allowing smooth operation Pushes dirt aside, allowing smooth operation

The 35.6-cm (14-in.) discharge auger makes light work when moving dirt. It easily pushes dirt aside, allowing the trencher to run smoothly without clogging.


The discharge auger also helps to prevent unnecessary backfill into newly trenched channels. 


Trench depth with auger at 65-degree angle 91.4 cm
36 in.
Overall length 200.7 cm
79 in.
Overall width 96.5 cm
38 in.
Overall height 73.7 cm
29 in.


Operating 287.1 kg
633 lb
Shipping 294.8 kg
650 lb

Tractor compatibility

PTO horsepower 11.2-22.4 kW
15-30 hp


Compatibility Cat. 1
iMatchTM compatible (Cat. 1)


Chain type Rated anti back flex: 17,236.5 kg
38,000 lb
Chain width 15.2 cm
6 in.
Chain pitch 4.2 cm
1.654 in.
Length in pitches 64


Speed 540 rpm
Overload protection Slip clutch

Spoil auger

Diameter 35.6 cm
14 in.
Discharge reach 53.3 cm
21 in.

Hydraulic system

Type One double acting cylinder

Parking stands

Standard Yes


Type Standard


Configuration One unit

Set-up time

Labor hours


Time period (machine)

Additional information

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