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John Deere LS20 Series 3-Point Mounted Sprayers

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Versatile sprayer increases performance and reduces cost

Choose between a 170.3-L (45-gal.), 227.1-L (60-gal.), 416.4-L (110-gal.), or 567.8-L (150-gal.) tank
170.3-L (45-gal.) tank shown 170.3-L (45-gal.) tank shown

Choose which tank size best fits the area needing sprayed and your current tractor. The rugged translucent yellow tank has molded fill level indicators, drain spout, and tank sump for ease of operation.

Choose between electric or power take-off (PTO) pump
Electric diaphragm pump Electric diaphragm pump

The electric diaphragm pump is available only on the 170.3-L (45-gal) LS2004 Sprayer with the ability to choose between a 7.6-L/min or 15.1-L/min (2-gpm or 4-gpm) pump. These pumps can run dry without damage, which protects you from premature failure and maintenance costs.

PTO pump shown PTO pump shown

The six-roller cast PTO pump has a 79.5-L (21-gpm) flow and comes standard on the LS2006, LS2011, and LS2015 Sprayers with an option to upgrade to the Silver Series pump or the larger seven-roller pump available for the LS2015. The cast version of the roller pump is recommended when pumping water and can be used in agricultural applications, while the Silver Series pumps should be used with herbicide.

Choose between boom or boomless
Folding boom Folding boom

You have the option to match boom width to your acreage and operation. These booms come in 3-m (10-ft), 3.8-m (12.5-ft), 5.5-m (18-ft), 7.3-m (24-ft), and 9.1-m (30-ft) lengths. Hinges on the boom allow it to break away instead of damaging crucial components when inadvertently hitting an obstacle.


A boomless option is available when you want to avoid obstacles in your property or if you have rough terrain. There are two boomless options: 7.3 m (24 ft) or 9.1 m (30 ft).

TeeJet® single nozzle body
Single nozzle body Single nozzle body

Single nozzle bodies come standard on all units. Quick-attach, no-drip diaphragm check nozzle bodies are easy to align and spaced at 50.8 cm (20 in.) for even coverage.


TeeJet is a trademark of Spraying Systems Co.


Consistent and accurate placement of chemical

416.4- and 567.8-L (110- and 150-gal.) controls 416.4- and 567.8-L (110- and 150-gal.) controls

Easy, reachable, and adjustable controls make these sprayers ideal for any job, configuration, or user. The three-section boom controls on the 416.4- and 567.8-L (110- and 150-gal.) sprayers offer easy on and off functionality. The glycerin-filled gauge and pressure regulator valve allow you to adjust pressure easily. All components provide superior chemical and corrosion resistance.

Tank components
Jet recirculation Jet recirculation

Jet agitation or recirculation ensures even mixture of material from start to finish. With an in-line filter and shutoff valve, a dirty filter can be cleaned whenever needed, even if the tank is full. When you’re done, a tank sump allows for complete drainage.

Fresh water tank
18.9-L (5-gal.) freshwater tank 18.9-L (5-gal.) freshwater tank

Fresh water is invaluable when you need to wash chemicals, and it is available on the 416.4- and 567.8-L (110- and 150-gal.) sprayers.

Optional tank fill spout
Tank fill spout kit Tank fill spout kit

The innovative design and in-line valve make a convenient accessory for filling your sprayer. The design prevents back siphoning and keeps your hose and water source clear of the tank contents.

iMatch™ Quick-Hitch compatible for easy hookup

iMatch compatible iMatch compatible

Implement-to-tractor hookup is simple with iMatch Quick-Hitch Category 1 compatibility.

Optional road light kit
Light kit Light kit
7-pin trailer plug 7-pin trailer plug

Easily connect your sprayer tail lights to a 7-pin equipped utility tractor. The light kit is available on 416.4- and 567.8-L (110- and 150-gal.) sprayer.

Spray gun included to reach stubborn weeds

Spray gun as standard equipment Spray gun as standard equipment

All models in the LS20 Series Sprayers include a hand-held spray gun with a 9.14-m (30-ft) hose as standard equipment.

Hose reel
30.5-m (100- ft) hose reel kit 30.5-m (100- ft) hose reel kit

For hard to reach or small areas, a 30.5-m (100-ft) hose reel kit is available.

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