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John Deere MC2120 Material Collection System

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Key features of the MC2120 Material Collection System

Whether you’re collecting grass clippings in the summer, pine needles, or gathering leaves in the fall, the Frontier™ MC2120 Material Collection System greatly enhances your productivity. The power take-off (PTO) driven system offers a large 705-L (20-bu) hopper capacity for longer periods of mowing.

The following are some of the key features and benefits provided by the MC2120:

  • PTO-driven blower for versatility, efficiency, and higher performance
  • 705-L (20-bu) hopper collecting system with dump-from-seat
  • Mower deck boot that is easy to attach, eliminating the need for a Power Flow™ attachment
  • Two integrated stands to make storage fast and convenient
  • Fill indicator to alert the operator when the hopper is getting full to prevent chute plugging
  • iMatch™ hitch system compatibility for easy hookup and removal in seconds

High-performance power take-off (PTO) driven blower

High-performance PTO-driven blower High-performance PTO-driven blower
Connection to the PTO Connection to the PTO

The high-performance, robust PTO-driven blower has been designed especially for the high-capacity MC2120 Material Collection System. It handles the capacity of the mower deck and provides plenty of velocity to fill the hopper completely. At the heart is a 190.5-mm (7.5-in.) urethane impeller with 3042 rpm that generates the suction. By having the blower directly mounted on the material collection system instead of on the end of the mower deck, weight distribution remains uncompromised, ensuring that your lawn receives a level cut that you expect.

Hopper collecting system with dump-from-seat

MC2120 hopper MC2120 hopper

With the MC2120 Material Collection System, the material is transferred from the high-performance steel blower into the hopper with a total capacity of 705 L (20 bu). The hopper with effortless Dump-from-seat (DFS) is simply executed with the press a button.

NOTE: For the DFS, a dedicated wiring harness connects the MC2120 to your tractor. It includes a rocker switch with a right-hand console mounted bracket to control the electric actuator for 1E, 1R, and 2025R Tractors. The rocker switch mounts in the available switch blank for all other John Deere tractors. Power is applied with a harness from the switch to the actuator as well as a battery or junction block harness.

Dump-from-seat rocker switch to open and close the gate from the seat Dump-from-seat rocker switch to open and close the gate from the seat
Dump the material from the seat Dump the material from the seat

Mower deck boot is easily installed and removed

Mower deck boot connection Mower deck boot connection

Boot kits are available to adapt the MC2120 to 1E, 1R, 2R, and 3R Series Tractors equipped with a mid-mount mower deck. Boot removal and installation is toolless for quick changing of implements (after initial installation). The boot is connected to the blower with a 203-mm (8-in.) diameter smooth bore hose to handle material throughput efficiently.

Blower hose connection from the deck boot to the impeller housing Blower hose connection from the deck boot to the impeller housing

Hose clamps use the helicoidal pattern on the hose to maintain a tight seal without adjustment during each installation. Clamps are retained and do not require tools to adjust (if required), providing a greater seal for increased suction. Easy access to the chute and boot for in-field removal of a clog is accomplished with tool-free clamps.

Two integrated stands make storage fast and convenient

Storage stands with optional caster wheel kit Storage stands with optional caster wheel kit

To store the Material Collection System, two integrated steel storage stands make attaching and detaching quick and easy.

An optional caster wheel kit for the stands is the solution to further simplify maneuvering during attachment, detachment, and storage. The wheels enable the hopper to be put into tight spaces for better storage. Included are four caster wheels (two locking) and the required hardware for installation on the bottom of the two storage stands.

Audible fill indicator alerts the operator when hopper is getting full

Audible fill indicator Audible fill indicator

The optional fill sensor (wireless)alerts the operator when the hopper is getting full. When the indicator begins to beep, the operator should turn off the mower to prevent plugging and overfilling.

In addition, a plexiglas sight window is standard on the MC2120.

Hopper lid easily stays open

Hopper lid with gas springs Hopper lid with gas springs

Gas springs keep the lid open for easy access and screen cleaning.

Hopper is quickly removable for maintenance

Hopper on 3-point hitch with iMatch™ hitch system Hopper on 3-point hitch with iMatch™ hitch system
Hopper is quickly removed Hopper is quickly removed

The hopper is quickly removable from the blower frame for ease of maintenance.

Key Specs

Hopper capacity 705 L
20 bu
Blower fan diameter 381 mm
15 in.
Blower fan speed 3402 rpm
Hose diameter 203 mm
8 in.


Capacity 705 L
20 bu
Weight Empty: 194.6 kg
429 lb
Full (varies based on material): 312.5 kg
689 lb

Blower system

Drive type Gearbox
Materials Fan: Cast urethane with machine steel hub
Fan housing: Steel, 11 gauge
3.03 mm
0.12 in.
Fan diameter 381 mm
15 in.
Number of blades 5
Fan speed 3402 rpm


Material Clear polyurethane with black helix
Diameter 203 mm
8 in.

Requirements and compatibility

PTO 540 rpm
3-point hitch Category 1
Electrical Connection: 12 V
30 amp
Mower deck Mid-mount side-discharge deck
Counterweight Implement code: 30


Time period 1 year

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