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Angle adjustment

Hydraulic controls allow easy adjustment from seat Hydraulic controls allow easy adjustment from seat

From the tractor seat, the operator can easily adjust the angle of the Frontier™ PR11 Series Power Rake for directing material by using the hydraulic controls. The steel frame offers excellent visibility of the work being done.

Carbide teeth retain moisture with fracture pattern

Carbide teeth Carbide teeth

By striking the seedbed sub base, the carbide teeth on Frontier™ PR11 Series Power Rakes leave a fracture pattern that retains moisture. The carbide material provides long life and durability.

Chain drive

The oil-bathed enclosed chain drive with center chain idler is proven to prolong drive chain life by eliminating chain slip and compensating for chain stretch. The low-profile chain case allows for maximum teeth and roller depth on the PR11 Series Power Rake.

Adjustable end plate

End plate End plate

End plates on the Frontier™ PR11 Series Power Rakes are reinforced with hardened steel for longer life and are easily movable.


When the end plate is in the forward position, the power rake becomes a box blade and collects larger material for disposal on the edge of the worksite.


In the storage position, the power rake becomes a rear blade, forming windrows of larger material and debris.


The end plate can be flared out when working along foundations or sidewalks.

Roll-back barrier provides adjustable pulverizing and creates smoother surfaces

Roll-back barrier Roll-back barrier

Adjust the pulverizing action by moving the roll-back barrier on the Frontier™ PR11 Series Power Rake.


It can be raised to allow for larger particles and promote faster soil drying or lowered to break up clods and leave a smoother surface.


The barrier is stiff for pushing, yet flexible enough to allow damaging debris to pass.

Grass seed field-conversion attachment kits for PR1160 and PR1172 Power Rakes


The grass seed attachment is ground driven by the roller basket, which ensures great soil-to-seed contact.



Machine length 157.5 cm
62 in.
Machine height 101.6 cm
40 in.
Transport width 205.7 cm
81 in.
Working width 182.9 cm
72 in.
Working width at max angle 176.5 cm
69.5 in.


Operating 376.5 kg
830 lb
Shipping 499 kg
1100 lb

Tractor compatibility

PTO horsepower 22.4-29.8 kW
30-40 hp
PTO speed 540 rpm
Hydraulic requirement 1500 rpm


Compatibility Cat. 1
iMatch™ compatible (Cat. 1)
Quick coupler (Cat. 2)


Speed (rpm) 270
Direction of travel Against DOT
Quantity of carbide teeth per rotor 114

Working angles

Degrees left or right 0-15 degree (angle)

Parking stands

Standard Yes

Depth control

Type Dual independent adjustable gauge wheels

Set-up time

Labor hours 0.75


Time period 1 year

Additional information

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