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Drive system operates efficiently

Belt drive system Belt drive system

The belt drive system allows the WC11 Series Wood Chippers to operate using less horsepower while keeping the rotor rpm at a range from 1380 to 1920 rpm, depending on the model.


The WC1103 is a single belt drive, while the WC1105 has three belts.


Chip opening 76x140 mm
3x5.5 in.
Hopper opening 635x457 mm
25x18 in.

Feed options

System Manual (gravity)
Feed_x001A_roller diameter
Hopper height 965 cm
38 in.

Chip chute

Fixed 2 positions


Unit 170 kg
375 lb
Rotor style Disc
Rotor 29.5 kg
65 lb

Tractor compatibility

PTO rpm 540 rpm
HP range (Tractor PTO hp) 13.4-29.8 kW
18-40 hp

3-Point hitch

Category Cat. 1
iMatch™ or Quik-Coupler


Self-contained system


Knife quantity Two
Knife size 635x89x7.9 mm
2.5x3.5x0.3125 in.
Knife bolt
Shear bar Adjustable hardened anvil
Rotor rpm 1920 rpm

Belt drive system

Number One bx

Set-up time

Labor hours 0.5


Time period 1 year

Additional information

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