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Increased uptime with global carrier for quick attachment changes

Locking the carrier in place Locking the carrier in place

To connect the carrier adapter, the operator dumps the global carrier fully and engages the hooks of the John Deere 500 Carrier Adapter. The carrier adapter is then rolled back slowly to allow the spring-activated latch pins to engage. Always ensure the latch pins are fully engaged prior to use of the attachment.

Expand equipment compatibility with the John Deere 500 Carrier Adapter

Carrier adapter Carrier adapter

The John Deere 500 Carrier Adapter allows for the use of John Deere 500 Series style attachments that use the hook-and-pin attaching system when the loader is equipped with a global carrier. This carrier adapter provides the compatibility to use a new-style tractor loader with a global carrier while keeping older 500 style attachments.

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