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Increased uptime with ease of attachability

Locking the pallet fork in place Locking the pallet fork in place

Hook up the pallet fork by lining up the loader’s connecting point to the attachment frame, picking up the attachment, and locking it in place.

Modular design Modular design

Using modular assembly with components weighing less than 20.4 kg (45 lb) each, the PG12 Pallet Fork Grapple can be assembled on an existing AP12F or AP12G Pallet Fork using the third hydraulic loader function. The combination of a pallet fork and a grapple provides the flexibility to move a variety of materials that are awkward to handle.

Third-function multicoupler attachment half Third-function multicoupler attachment half

The benefits of a third-function multicoupler over traditional push-pull couplers include:


  • Easier connection of hoses under pressure
    • This can occur frequently when a third-function attachment is in extreme heat and not used for some time.
  • Minimal oil loss
  • Ergonomic and minimal effort required
  • Hoses are never mismatched
  • Saves time by connecting or disconnecting couplers in one motion

Secure items with a serrated grapple tine

Serrated grapple tine Serrated grapple tine

The serrated grapple tine, designed for gripping and not piercing, helps secure items when operating.

Easily use pallet fork independent of the grapple

Storage position Storage position

There are two options for using the pallet fork independent of the grapple. The first option is to lock the grapple tine in the fully open position using a locking pin. The second option is to remove the grapple tine and hydraulic cylinder assembly while leaving the grapple base on the pallet fork.

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