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John Deere BD11 Series End-Wheel Grain Drills

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Optional furrow boots

Double-disk openers with aluminum boots work well in well-prepared seedbeds and dry soil. Blades bolt on to allow use of a broad range of depth-gauging attachments.


Double-disk openers with cast-iron boots are also available. They are heavier and have greater clearance inside of double-disk openers for better performance in wet, sticky soils.



Opener weight

Spring down pressure*

Total penetration force








10.4 kg (23 lb)

11.3 kg (25 lb)

43.1 kg (95 lb)

21.8 kg (48 lb)

53.5 kg (118 lb)

Cast iron

12.7 kg (28 lb)

11.3 kg (25 lb)

43.1 kg (95 lb)

24 kg (53 lb)

56.2 kg (124 lb)

*NOTE: The down pressure figures are based on 25.4 mm (1 in.) of push rod showing above spring.

Seed/fertilizer meter drive system

BD11 fertilizer metering system BD11 fertilizer metering system

The seed and fertilizer metering systems are powered by the end wheel. A heavy-duty, high-strength No. 40 roller chain provides a positive drive. Spur gears and sprockets are machined to provide a more accurate fit for longer life. Gears can be interchanged for either a slow or fast speed.

Half-speed drive for fluted feed drills

The half-speed drive reduces the feed shaft speed by one-half, which allows for the very low seed rates required for crops such as rape and sorghum. It also permits higher seed index settings for large seeds such as soybeans. The resulting greater flute exposure reduces seed damage sometimes caused by forcing seeds through the opening between the shutoff and feed cup housing.

Field-installed agitator kits for BD11 Grain Drill

Add a field-installed agitator to keep light, fluffy, odd-shaped, or inoculated seed feeding smoothly into meters.


The first three attachments listed are for BD11 Series End-Wheel Grain Drills.

Depth band field conversion kits for cast-iron boots on grain drills

Depth band field conversion kits for the cast-iron boots offer cost-effective depth control.


The first attachment is for the BD1307 No-Till Grain Drill.


The last two attachments are for BD11 Series End-Wheel Grain Drills and include scrapers to use for planting 5.1-cm (2-in.) deep.

Double-disk opener boot kits and outside scrapers kits for BD11 Series End-Wheel Grain Drills

Choose aluminum boots for prepared seedbeds and dry soil. They provide up to 53.5 kg (118 lb) of down pressure.


Cast-iron boots deliver as much as 56.2 kg (124 lb) of down pressure, making them ideal for wet, sticky conditions.


The field conversion kit for a double-disk outside scraper kit comes with 10 pairs. They are designed to scour/remove soil and residue from the furrow opener and are recommended for use in damp, sticky soil conditions.

  • Producers must also order outside scraper parts (option code 9050) if used in combination with depth-gauging press wheels.
  • Not compatible with Tru-Vee attachment.

The field conversion kit for outside scraper parts comes with 26 pairs.

  • This kit is required on drills with depth-gauging press wheels and a double disk.

Field-installed adjustable depth gauge wheel kit for BD11 Series End-Wheel Grain Drills

Adjustable depth gauge wheels are for double-disk openers with an aluminum boot. The adjustable depth gauge wheel mounts to the double-disk opener at one side and firms one furrow wall, preventing soil from crumbling into the furrow.


Two tines scratch along the furrow walls, drawing the soil over the seed. It gauges the depth of the furrow from 1.3 cm (0.5 in.) to 8.9 cm (3.5 in.) and is for 19.1-cm (7.5-in.) or 25.4-cm (10-in.) row spacing.


NOTE: The kit does not include opener.

Depth gauge press wheel kits for BD11 Series End-Wheel Grain Drills

Depth gauge press wheels for better seedbed Depth gauge press wheels for better seedbed

Depth-gauging press wheels assist in controlling furrow depth and promote seed-to-soil contact for good germination. 


Press wheels have smooth sides to reduce soil throw and leave a better-looking seedbed.

1x12 press wheel 1x12 press wheel
2x13 press wheel 2x13 press wheel
4x12 double-rib press wheel 4x12 double-rib press wheel

A variety of sizes and types are available to match seed-to-soil contact requirements.  Available wheels are:

  • 2.5-cm x 30.5-cm (1-in. x 12-in.) single
  • 5.1-cm x 33-cm (2-in. x 13-in.) single
  • 10.2-cm x 30.5-cm (4-in. x 12-in.) double-rib

Tru-Vee attachment field conversion kit for BD11 Series End-Wheel Grain Drills

The Tru-Vee attachment field conversion kit gives operators planter-type depth control.

Grass seedbox field attachment kits for BD11 Series End-Wheel Grain Drills

A variety of grass seed attachments are available for the BD11 Series End-Wheel Grain Drills, providing accurate and dependable fluted force feed. They can also handle the smallest seed accurately.


Working width 26.9 cm
10.6 in.
27.2 cm
10.7 in.
Transport width 3.8 m
12.6 ft
Available row spacings 15.2 cm
6 in.
19.1 cm
7.5 in.
Transport ground clearance 13.8 cm
5.5 in.


Plain box (7.5-in. spacing) 726 kg
1,600 lb
Combo box (7.5-in. spacing) 816 kg
1,800 lb
Combo box (7-in. spacing)

Box capacity

Plain grain 0.987 m3
28 bu
Combo 40 percent grain
0.476 m3
13.5 bu
60 percent grain
0.641 m3
18.2 bu
100 percent grain
0.973 m3
27.6 bu
1.198 m3
34 bu
Fertilizer or native grass
Grass seed or legume (small seed) 0.053 m3
1.5 bu


Implement 7.5-20, 4 pr
Double-rib, implement 7.5-20, 4 pr
Farm implement, front caster
Farm implement, rear transport


Type Double disk, staggered pattern: 33.02 cm
13 in.
Quantity 21, 17
Down pressure 56 kg
124 lb
Travel range

Grain agitator

Grain box Standard
Native box


Type Cast aluminum or cast iron


Type Fluted feed
Acremeter Standard

Depth gauging press wheels size

Rubber 2.5x30.5 cm
1x2 in.
5.1x33 cm
2x3 in.
10.2x30.5 cm
4x12 in.

Disk soil penetration



Regular Yes

Attachments available

Row markers
Outside disk scrapers Optional
Half-speed drive Optional
Grass seed or small seed legume box Optional
Small seed drop tubes

Set-up time

Labor hours 2 to 3


Time period 1 year

Additional information

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