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Reversible cutting edge

203-mm (8-in.) rubber cutting edge 203-mm (8-in.) rubber cutting edge

All AS10H Series Snow Push models come with a 203-mm (8-in.) rubber cutting edge that is reversible and replaceable.


Width 219.1 cm
86.25 in.
Height 78.1 cm
30.75 in.
Depth 86.4 cm
34 in.
Cutting width 217.8 cm
85.75 in.

Attachment carrier

Current series style 300, 400


Equipment 216.4 kg
477 lb
Shipping 239 kg
527 lb

Cutting edge

Rubber Yes
Steel, spring reset


Thickness 10 gauge
3.4 mm
0.135 in.
Height 76.2 cm
30 in.


Cubic yards (m3)

Skid shoes

Type Welded

Set-up time

Labor hours 0.25 hours


Time period One year

Additional information

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