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Stay safe with a spring-loaded, steel trip edge

Great safety feature Great safety feature

The Frontier™ AS11E Snow Pushes are equipped with a spring-loaded, steel trip edge. This safety feature protects the cutting edge from immovable objects.

Back drag attachment for AS11E Snow Push

AS11E Series Snow Push AS11E Series Snow Push

The field-installed back drag kit allows AS11E Snow Push operators to move snow from those hard-to-reach areas that other blades cannot get to.

Field-installed rubber edge kit for back drag attachment on AS11E Snow Push

For fresh or dry snow pushing
AS11E Series Snow Push rubber edge AS11E Series Snow Push rubber edge

The replacement rubber edge kits come in different lengths, and are for the back drag attachment on AS11E Snow Pushes. 


The rubber edges are for fresh and dry snow pushing, removing the piles of snow a steel blade leaves behind.  


Because they are reversible, they have a longer wear life.


Width 280.4 cm
110.38 in.
Height 101.1 cm
39.8 in.
Depth 105.4 cm
41.5 in.
Cutting width 279.4 cm
110 in.

Attachment carrier

Current series style 300, 400, 500


Equipment 427.7 kg
943 lb
Shipping 450.4 kg
993 lb

Cutting edge

Steel, spring reset Yes


Thickness 10 gauge
3.4 mm
0.135 in.
Height 96.8 cm
38.1 in.


Cubic yards (m3)

Skid shoes

Type Welded

Set-up time

Labor hours 0.25 hour


Time period 1 year

Additional information

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