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Chute deflector makes snow removal easier and more accurate

Both the manual and hydraulic chute deflectors are beneficial when operating around buildings or down city streets.


An optional electric discharge chute is available for models SB1154 and SB1164 (cab tractors only).

Manual chute deflector is standard equipment
Manual chute deflector adjustment shown Manual chute deflector adjustment shown

The SB11 Series Snowblowers come with a manual chute deflector adjustment.

Hydraulically controlled chute deflector is an optional feature
Optional hydraulically controlled chute deflector Optional hydraulically controlled chute deflector

The hydraulically controlled chute deflector is available as an option. Controlled from the seat of the tractor, the chute deflector allows the operator to effectively control snow discharge accuracy.

Chute rotation can be easily adjusted for versatility

Easily adjust chute rotation Easily adjust chute rotation

Chute rotation adds versatility by allowing operators to blow snow exactly where they want it.

Standard-equipped manual chute rotation adjustments on the SB11 Series are easily done from the seat of the tractor.

Multiple hitch capabilities for different uses

iMatch™ quick-hitch compatible iMatch™ quick-hitch compatible

SB11 Series Snowblowers have different hitch capabilities. Models SB1148, SB1154, SB1164, and SB1174 are Category 1 and iMatch compatible. Model SB1184 is Category 1 and iMatch compatible and Category 2 and Quik-Coupler compatible. Model SB1194 is Category 2 and Quik-Coupler compatible.


All SB13 Series models come with a Category 2 3-point hitch. In addition, SB1308, SB1308R, and SB1309R are Category 2 and 3 compatible. The SB13 Series models are all Quik-Coupler compatible.

Impeller blade provides fast snow removal

Enables faster and farther snow removal Enables faster and farther snow removal

Moving snow faster and blowing it farther is simple with four impeller blades on the SB11 Series Snowblowers.

Skid shoes are adjustable for increased life and durability

Adjustability increases durability and life Adjustability increases durability and life

Adjustable steel skid shoes on the SB11 Series increase the durability and life of the snowblowers.

Chute deflector and rotation kits for SB11, SB13, and SB21 Series Snow Blowers

Chute deflector and rotation kits allow the operator to change the direction of snow exiting the chute. 


Height 66 cm
26 in.
Transport width 189.2 cm
74.5 in.
Working width 188 cm
74 in.
Length 121.3 cm
47.75 in.


Operating 284.9 kg
628 lb
Shipping 324.3 kg
715 lb


Type Two-part
Deflector adjustment Standard
Hydraulic cylinder or electric actuator
Rotation type Manual or hydraulic
Diameter 30.5 cm
12 in.
Rotation degrees 210 degree (angle)




Diameter 38.1 cm
15 in.
Speed 170 rpm
Overload protection Single


Blades Four
Speed 540 rpm
Diameter 61 cm
24 in.
Width 22.5 cm
8.875 in.
Optional secondary auger diameter

Tractor compatibility

PTO 540 rpm
Minimum hp 26 kW
35 hp
Maximum hp 37 kW
50 hp
PTO overload protection Shearbolt


Roller 60
Idler adjustment Manual


Compatibility Cat. 1
iMatch Yes
Quick coupler

Cutting edge

Type Welded

Skid shoes

Type Steel, adjustable

Set-up time

Labor hours One hour

Warranty period

Machine One year
Gear box One year

Additional information

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