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Dual wheels provide consistent disking depth

Distributes weight evenly during transport Distributes weight evenly during transport

The TM51 Series Tandem Disk Harrow comes standard equipped with dual wheels for consistent disking depth.


The dual wheels provide additional stability for even weight distribution during transport.

NOTE: TMD5129 and TM5132 have 12 wheels total; six on the center section and three on each of the wing sections.

End washers and wrenches keep gang shaft end nut tight

Keeping gangs tightened increases wear life Keeping gangs tightened increases wear life
Gang nut wrenches are always there when needed Gang nut wrenches are always there when needed

End washers help keep the gang shaft end nut tightened during operation, increasing gang wear life. 


Two gang nut wrenches are supplied with each unit and securely attached to the unit, ready to use when the gangs need tightening.  

Hydraulic wing control

Hydraulic wing control and gauge Hydraulic wing control and gauge

Hydraulic wing control is standard equipment on all Frontier™ TM51 Series Tandem Disk Harrows. A control valve allows varying hydraulic pressure to the wing-fold cylinders. It transfers weight from the mainframe to the wings to improve penetration in hard ground and/or heavy soils. Increasing pressure to the rod end of the cylinder holds the wing level to prevent gouging in soft or moist soils.


The pressure relief feature allows wings to flex over obstacles to help prevent damage to the cylinder rod. Convenient knob adjustment can be easily reached from the front of the disk. The indicator gauge provides the operator with a quick visual indication of the results of the adjustment.


NOTE: Requires a tractor with closed-center hydraulics. Operators must follow special operating instructions per the operator's manual.

Oil-bath disk gang bearings provide extended wear life

Consistent lubrication and longer life Consistent lubrication and longer life

Oil-bath disk gang bearings with a standard wear plate allow consistent lubrication and prolong bearing life with minimal maintenance. 


This feature ultimately saves both time and money.

Overlapping front gangs eliminate need for middle breaker

Provides more level soil profile Provides more level soil profile

The front gangs overlap, eliminating the need for a middle breaker. 


This provides a more-level soil profile, ensuring complete coverage on each pass.

Standard pintle hitch ensures a solid pull of disk

Pintle hitch Pintle hitch

Safely transport the TM51 Series Tandem Disk Harrow from the farm to the field easily with the standard pintle hitch.

Two-blade taper creates level soil surface

Two-blade taper Two-blade taper

A two-blade taper, including the furrow filler on the outside rear wing, reduces outside ridges and smooths out the soil to create a level soil surface.

Transport locks provide secure transport

Secure locking when transporting Secure locking when transporting

Transport locks secure the unit for transport mode.

Transport width

Two separate control arms create consistent performance

Controls arms level in ground and during transport Controls arms level in ground and during transport

Two separate control arms are standard, one for transport leveling and one for leveling while the disk is in the ground.  


Once set for a given soil condition, the disk will continue to perform with consistency.


Width 4.2 m
13.67 ft, in.
Ground clearance with base blades 20.3 cm
8 in.
Wheel hub bearings Dual Tapered Roller Bearings
Height 4 m
13.2 ft
Length 8.5 m
28 ft


Approximate working width 7.2 m
23.5 ft, in.
Maximum penetration 22.9 cm
9 in.


Net 7842.6 kg
17290 lb
Weight per disk blade 145.1 kg
320 lb

Tractor requirements


Type Tandem double offset
Duty General Purpose
Tube size 15.2x10.2x0.95 cm
6x4x0.375 in.


Front hitch type Spade
Bolt-on rear hitch

Disk blades

Spacing 26.7 cm
10.5 in.
Quantity 58
Type Notched (front) Notched (rear)
Smooth (front) Smooth (rear)
Notched (front) Smooth (rear)
Blade concavity Standard: high
Optional: low

Available blade sizes

Blade option one 660x7.9 mm
26x0.312 in.
Blade option two 711x7.9 mm
28x0.312 in.
Blade option three
Blade option four
Blade option five
Blade option six

Disk gangs

Front angle 3 Positions
Rear angle 3 Positions
Furrow fillers
Axle size 4.1 cm
1.625 in.
or 5.4 cm
2.125 in.
Axle material Round heat treated alloy steel, threaded on both ends
Bearing type Oil bath tapered roller
Bearing wear plates Standard
Bearing standards Welded, reinforced
Scrapers Adjustable

Lighting and safety

Markings SMV
Safety tow chain Yes
Lights Yes


Type Eight implement
Size 11L x 15 in. 8 ply
Wheel hub type 8 Bolt

Set-up time

Labor hours 4 - 6 for two people


Time period 1 year

Additional information

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