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John Deere 625F HydraFlex™Cutting Platform

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HydraFlex™ float system improves operator control

The HydraFlex system hydraulically controls the float of the cutterbar by a simple turn of a knob in the cab. This provides exceptional cutterbar flexibility throughout the entire working pressure range. Higher ground speeds can be accomplished with HydraFlex, compared to the conventional float systems.


Feature benefit:

  • The mechanical linkage is replaced by float arms with hydraulic cylinders at every channel. These cylinders provide the cutterbar with the ability to float over uneven ground conditions with improved operator control. Reference the operator’s manual for settings recommendations.

  NOTE: The hydraulic cylinders will be on every other channel on 630F and 635F models in model year 2022.

  • The platform HydraFlex system with an accumulator maintains a constant ground pressure over changing ground conditions. Manual mode is for locking out the cutterbar in the rigid mode.
Float arms Float arms
Hydraulic cylinders at every channel Hydraulic cylinders at every channel

In automatic mode, the operator sets a desired cutterbar ground pressure, and the system will maintain this setting. If a different set point is desired, the operator adjusts the encoder on the armrest board, and an updated cutterbar float pressure reading will be shown on the cornerpost display. For increased ground following in uneven terrain, decrease cutterbar pressure to make the cutterbar heavy to the ground. If soil pushing occurs, increase the cutterbar pressure to make the cutterbar lighter to the ground.

Epicyclic knife drive increases drive capacity

The heavy-duty epicyclic knife drive gearbox provides an enhanced knife-drive system that increases drive capacity with less vibration and improved reliability.

Feature benefit:
  • Provides high level of reliability and durability
  • Minimizes vibration
  • Fast, efficient cutting action for higher harvesting speeds
Epicyclic knife-drive gearbox Epicyclic knife-drive gearbox
  • 89-mm (3.5-in.) knife stroke adds a more efficient cutting action. The increased stroke improves the cutterbar's ability to cut even in adverse conditions, such as large-stemmed crops or weeds, without plugging.
  • Knife speed is 520 rpm.
  • Reliability is improved with an in-line versus wobble-geometry knife head, which oscillates in a straight line and not through a radius like the previous knife drive.
  • Knife head and gearbox attachment are improved. Two cap screws can be easily removed if any service to the knife is required.

Enhanced single-point latching system is fast and easy

Enhanced single-point latching system Enhanced single-point latching system

John Deere’s single-point header latching system provides combine operators a fast and easy method for connecting all front-end equipment. One easy motion of the lever connects the electrical and hydraulic circuits along with header retaining pins.

Feature benefit:

  • Reduces the time required to change over headers
  • No tools required to remove headers for transport or storage


The enhanced single-point latching system, includes a valve assembly mounted to all platform and corn head back sheets. These assemblies include an orifice valve unique to the header type and a pressure override valve. Together, these valves ensure the performance and reliability of header hydraulic functions.

Key Specs

Overall width 8.2 m
26.7 ft
Cutterbar length 7.6 m
25 ft
Flex cutterbar float range 152 mm
6 in.
Tilt adjustment Located on feederhouse: 17 degree (angle)
Height control Hydraulic
Speed control Hydraulic


Type Auger


Type Knife system with in-line gearbox: 102 mm
4 in.
Cutterbar angle 10 degree (angle)
Cutterbar length 7.6 m
25 ft
Flex cutterbar float range 152 mm
6 in.
Tilt adjustment Located on feederhouse: 17 degree (angle)
Knife sections Heavy-duty, over-serrated
Guards Forged steel, heat-treated
Backshaft speed 490 rpm
Knife speed 520 cycles/min

Platform auger

Diameter 66 cm
26 in.
Operating speed Slow down: 135, 152 rpm
Speed up: 170 rpm


Number for slats Six
Diameter 1.067 m
3.5 ft

Reel controls

Height control Hydraulic
Speed control Hydraulic
Operating speeds 6-44 rpm


Reel motor displacement (per revolution)
Reel drive system pressure 14,000 (+/- 1,000) kPa
2,000 (+/- 150) psi
Reel fore/aft stroke 359 mm
14.1 in.


Cutting width 7.6 m
25 ft
Gathering width 7.65 m
25.1 ft
Overall width 8.2 m
26.7 ft
Approximate weight 2,098 kg
4,625 lb

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