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John Deere SH12F Cotton Stripper Header: 12-Row Folding

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More seed cotton per hour and acres per day

CS770 harvesting cotton with SH12F Header CS770 harvesting cotton with SH12F Header

You want to harvest your cotton crop as quickly as possible to protect the lint quality. The wide-row SH12F Header is the answer to harvesting your wide-row cotton faster than ever before. The SH12F Header covers up to 48 percent more acres per hour compared to the previous 8-row stripper header. Not only is it productive in the field, but it also folds and unfolds quickly to make transport between fields fast and easy.

  • Cover more acres per day – The wider header covers up to an additional 40.5 ha (100 acres) per day in dryland cotton when compared to the CS690 and 608SH Stripper Header.
  • AutoTrac™ RowSense™ system keeps you on row – The SH12F Stripper Header comes standard with RowSense in base equipment to closely follow the cotton rows with less operator effort. Teamed with the available technology packages on the CS770 Cotton Stripper, AutoTrac RowSense provides an extra level of guidance to make sure that the harvester is always on row, no matter the crop conditions.

Spend more time harvesting your crop and less time managing your harvest

CS770 with SH12F Header folding CS770 with SH12F Header folding

You will quickly notice the capacity increase with the CS770 Cotton Stripper pared with an SH Series Stripper Header. The mainframe is sized to easily handle the increased header sizes and cotton flow. A folding stripper header reduces the time and effort you spend moving between fields. It eliminates the need for a header trailer and moving employees back and forth when changing fields.

  • Fast folding and unfolding – Harvest more acres per day and move between fields faster with a fold cycle time of less than 60 seconds.
  • Easy transporting with folding header – When folded, the SH12F Stripper Header folds to the width of an eight-row header, making navigating the roadway easy.
  • Choose the size that fits your operation – The SH Series Stripper Headers provide eight-row and 12-row header configurations. The SH12F includes 96.5- and 101.6-cm (38- and 40-in.) row spacings to match your operation.

Key Specs

Number of rows Twelve
Frame Folding
Spacings 96, 101.6 cm
38, 40 in.
Stripping unit style Bat/brush stripping units
Cross auger type High-capacity with single flight auger: 33.2 cm
13 in.

Row Units

Number of rows Twelve
Spacings 96.5, 101.6 cm
38, 40 in.
Frame Folding
Cross auger type High-capacity with single flight auger: 33.2 cm
13 in.
Cross auger diameter 33.2 cm
13 in.
Brush roll diameter 15.2 cm
6 in.
Brush roll length 101.6 cm
40 in.
Unit auger diameter 14.6 cm
5.75 in.
Cross auger speed (forward) 500-700 rpm
Cross auger speed (reverse) 300 rpm
Brush roll speed 500-700 rpm
Unit auger speed 500-700 rpm

Stripping units

Style Bat/brush stripping units
Unit drive protection Slip clutch, one per unit
Row guidance

On-board cleaner

Drum diameter
Bypass system

Tank capacities

Fuel tank

Hydraulic system

Pump type


6 row 40 in

Additional information

Date collected 2-Aug-2021