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John Deere TD13 Series Hay Tedder

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Digidrive® drive system ensures maximum life

Digidrive system Digidrive system

The exclusive Digidrive rotor drive fingers on the TD13 Series Hay Tedder are made from forged, case-hardened, heat-treated steel for maximum life and smooth power transmission.


Digidrive is a trademark of Kuhn, S.A. Joint Stock Company.

Rotor adjustment

Hydraulic angle adjustment for easy transport Hydraulic angle adjustment for easy transport

The Frontier™ TD13 Series Hay Tedder comes standard with hydraulic angle adjustment, perfect for transporting the tedder to multiple fields.


It allows the operator to set the working angle of the tedder one time, and then quickly and easily go from the transport to the working position using the tractor hydraulics from the comfort of the seat.

Durable steel tines resist fatigue

Flexible steel for durability and dependability Flexible steel for durability and dependability

The TD13 Series Hay Tedder has flexible, steel tines that are heat treated for durability and highly resistant to fatigue.

Balloon tires operate smoothly, even over bumpy ground

Balloon-technology tires on Frontier™ TD13 Series Balloon-technology tires on Frontier™ TD13 Series

The TD13 Series Hay Tedder has large balloon tires that allow smoother operation over irregular ground.

Deflector aftermarket kits for BP1166 Bale Processors and TD1316 Hay Tedders

An aftermarket, field-installed wide deflector belt kit is available for feed bunk applications on the BP1166 Bale Processor.


An aftermarket, field-installed anti-wrap deflector kit helps to prevent hay from wrapping on the tine arms and rotor housings of the TD1316 Hay Tedder during use.


An aftermarket, field-installed wheel deflector kit helps prevent hay from being trapped by the tine arms of the TD1316 Hay Tedder during operation in light and/or fluffy hay applications.

Reduction gearbox for TD1316 Hay Tedders

Reduction gearbox conversion kit is great for heavy windrows or night windrow applications when using the TD1316 Hay Tedder.


Width in working position 5.4 m
17.7 ft
Tedding width 5.0 m
16.4 ft
Transport width 2.8 m
9.2 ft
Transport height 2.7 m
8.7 ft
Transport length 2.3 m
7.6 ft


Shipping 456 kg
1,005 lb

Tractor requirements

Minimum hp (kw) 14.9 L
20 hp
Hydraulic valves (SCVs) required One


Type Torque Limiter
rpm 540 rpm

Working position for other crop flow

Straight, right-hand, left-hand angles Standard


Type Drawbar


Quantity Four

Tine arms

Quantity per rotor Six
Type Round tubular
Size, in. (cm)


Height adjustment Hydraulic tilt
Angle adjustment


Working size 6 ply: 38x15 cm
15x6 in.
Transport size
Working type Balloon
Transport type

Lighting and safety

Transport lights
Safety chain Standard
Safety guards Standard
SMV Standard

Transport position

Hydraulic vertical fold with hydraulic tilt Standard
Integrated transport frame

Set-up time

Labor hours 6


Time period 1 year

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