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Past and present advantages related to performance

The 485 Backhoe has the following quality operating characteristics:

  • Valve spools with machined metering grooves allow smooth operation and exact control of multiple functions
  • Excellent feathering capabilities
  • Buckets available in 12-, 18-, and 24-in. widths
  • Heavy-duty buckets from the 49 Backhoe can also be used - available in 14-, 18-, 24-, 36-, and 40-in. widths

Tractor backhoe hookup

Unique 4-point quick-attach system Unique 4-point quick-attach system

The exclusive rockshaft assist (RSA) mounting system (patent pending) makes hooking up the backhoe simple and quick.

  • Unique 4-point quick-attach system allows operator to install the backhoe to the tractor from the seat.
  • The RSA design positions the backhoe closer to the tractor.
  • RSA mount plates stay on the tractor and are compatible with mid-mount tractor attachments.

To attach:

  • Back tractor up to the backhoe.
  • Raise rockshaft arms.
  • Pins in rockshaft arm engage hooks on backhoe.
  • Raise rockshaft arms to full up position.
  • Install pins.
  • Connect backhoe hydraulics to power beyond.
  • Backhoe is ready to use.

To detach:

  • Disconnect hydraulic hoses from the backhoe. Reconnect tractor hydraulics.
  • Raise rockshaft to full up position.
  • Remove pins. Can be attached or detached without the use of tools.
  • Lower backhoe to the ground and drive away.
  • Tractor is now ready for other work.

Operator comfort features

Operator station Operator station

The controls on the 485 Backhoe operator console are arranged for optimal comfort, especially important for workdays.

  • The controls for the backhoe stabilizers are located on the control tower, which allows easier access to the operator station
  • A curved power boom gives the operator a better view of the digging area
  • The transport lock system allows the swing and boom to be locked simultaneously without leaving the seat
  • The backhoe features an improved seat-locking mechanism to keep the seat out of the way when the backhoe is not in use
  • Sturdy grab handle on the control tower ensures ease of ingress/egress 
  • Backhoe step for mounting/dismounting is located on the cylinder and painted green for easier spotting during ingress/egress Streamlined control valve and console—no straddling of hydraulic valve with your knees.
  • Low-mounted valve that allows knee and legroom and keeps heat generated within the valve stack down and away from the operator
  • Low noise level due to a low-mounted hydraulic valve
  • Two-lever control to operate boom lift, swing dipperstick, and position bucket
  • Walk-through operator area for easy ingress/egress and maximum comfort
  • Large footrest that is also perforated to allow debris to pass through
  • Direct linkage of control levers to valves provides better feel than cables
  • User-friendly controls
  • Backhoe seat is adjustable both vertically and horizontally
  • Closed boom and dipper give added strength to backhoe
  • Folding rollover protective structure (ROPS) is required on all tractors using the backhoe

Quik-Tatch subframe mounting system for quick mounting and dismounting

Quik-Tatch subframe mounting system Quik-Tatch subframe mounting system

The backhoe's mainframe fits into rear mounting brackets installed on the tractor. This provides the following important features:

  • Vertical or side-to-side movement is virtually eliminated, providing more stability. The design of the mainframe also positions the entire backhoe close to the tractor. Operators are also able to benefit from the total weight transfer between the backhoe stabilizers and loader bucket.
  • The tractor chassis is protected because the mainframe integrates the tractor and backhoe combination together as one.
  • Improved quick-coupler hydraulic connection.

Serviceability and angle of departure

Platform is easy to remove for service Platform is easy to remove for service
  • Platform is easy to remove for service and to gain access to the valve; the grab handle can be used to lift the entire valve assembly of the backhoe without removing or adjusting control linkages
  • Efficient hose routing for better serviceability
  • Removal of seat post to access valve requires removal of only one bolt
  • Simple design for improved access to hydraulic couplers for attaching and detaching
  • Externally mounted boom cylinder provides improved serviceability
  • The 485 Backhoe features an improved angle of departure of 20 degrees; allows the tractor-mounted backhoe to be loaded onto a trailer more easily, with less need to worry about whether the backhoe bucket will drag the ground as the tractor is driven onto the trailer
Replaceable bushings

Replaceable and greaseable bushings are provided at key pivot points throughout the backhoe. This increases longevity.

  • Mainframe bushings
  • Swing frame bushing

Enclosed boom and dipper give extra strength to backhoe

Enclosed boom and dipper Enclosed boom and dipper

The boom and dipper are designed with the strength to handle the large loads put on these powerful backhoes.


The boom cylinder is run externally on the 485 Backhoe. This provides better serviceability.

Powerful 180-degree swing

Double-acting cylinder swing system
Double-acting cylinder swing system Double-acting cylinder swing system

The 485 Backhoe features twin hydraulic cylinders to control the swing.

  • Direct coupling of two double-acting swing cylinders to the swing frame gives precise control
  • Double-acting swing cylinders are direct-coupled to the swing frame
    • A very compact swing system
    • The large cylinders provide extra torque for backfilling
  • The 485 Backhoe's swing system design and subframe mounting allows the backhoe to be close-coupled to the tractor for improved stability

Flip-over stabilizer pads

Flip-over stabilizer pads Flip-over stabilizer pads

Flip-over pads made of cast ductile iron allow a quick and easy conversion between field and street usage.

Optional rubber street pads
Rubber stabilizer pads Rubber stabilizer pads

Rubber stabilizer pads are available as an attachment. The pads are popular when operating the backhoe on hard surfaces.

  • Rubber stabilizer pads keep scratching and damage to floor surfaces minimal

Convenient and easy operation

Adjustable seat Adjustable seat

Adjustable seat pivots up and locks automatically when not in use.


Low-profile console allows an unobstructed view of the working area.

Two-lever control Two-lever control

Two-lever control is used for boom lift, swing, dipperstick, and bucket.


Improved grab handle located on control tower and large footrests with non-slip surfaces are provided.


Swing and boom lock pins have been eliminated; can be locked simultaneously without leaving the seat.

Backhoe step Backhoe step

Backhoe step for mounting and dismounting is painted green for easy spotting during ingress/egress.

Creep-to-reposition feature

To assist in moving the tractor unit during trenching operations, a unique repositioning creeper drive was developed for the 4520 and 4720 Tractors when operating the 485 Backhoe. This drive system allows the operator to move the tractor forward or backward at a slow speed and adjust the engine speed when in the backhoe operating position.

Creep-to-reposition kit Creep-to-reposition kit

The repositioning creeper drive control is located at the rear of the right fender console, just to the left of the operator when in the backhoe operating position. Controls include motion direction buttons and engine speed control buttons. The motion alarm sounds as soon as motion is initiated.


The operator must be seated in the backhoe operating position for the drive system to activate.

Key Specs

Digging depth 2.67 m
8 ft, 9 in.
SAE dipperstick digging force 10830 N
2435 lb
SAE bucket digging force 16590 N
3730 lb
Swing arc 180 degree (angle)
Boom lift capacity 372 kg
820 lb
Transport height 2.29 m
7 ft, 6 in.
Stabilizers spread width, up 1.37 m
4 ft, 6 in.
Stabilizers spread width, down 2.51 m
8 ft, 3 in.
Bucket widths 305 mm (12 in.)
457 mm (18 in.)
610 mm (24 in.)
914 mm (36 in.)
Total weight


Swing arc 180 degree (angle)
Bucket rotation 180 degree (angle)
Boom lift capacity 372 kg
820 lb
SAE dipperstick digging force 10830 N
2435 lb
SAE bucket digging force 16590 N
3730 lb
Angle of departure
Hydraulic relief setting
Bucket control main relief valve pressure 17580 kPa
2250 psi


Digging depth 2.67 m
8 ft, 9 in.
Loading height (bucket at 60 degrees) 2.24 m
7 ft, 4 in.
Reach from center line of swing pivot 3.61 m
11 ft, 10 in.
Transport height 2.29 m
7 ft, 6 in.
Loading reach (bucket at 60 degrees) 1.17 m
3 ft, 10 in.
Transport overhang 1.32 m
4 ft, 4 in.
Undercut 0.56 m
1 ft, 10 in.
Stabilizer type Stabilizers spread width, up
1.37 m
4 ft 6 in.
Stabilizers spread width, down
2.51 m
8 ft 3 in.


With RSA side plate kit and 20-in. bucket
With frame adapter and 24-in. bucket
With medium frame adapter and 24-in. bucket 644 kg
1420 lb
With large frame adapter and 24-in. bucket 622 kg
1460 lb
With 0.4-m (16-in.) bucket


Bucket widths Shipping weight
305 mm (12 in.) - 37 kg (82 lb)
457 mm (18 in.) - 50 kg (111 lb)
610 mm (24 in.) - 53 kg (117 lb)
914 mm (36 in.) - 70 kg (154 lb)
305 mm (12 in.)
457 mm (18 in.)
610 mm (24 in.)
914 mm (36 in.)

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