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John Deere 6500A E-Cut™ Hybrid Fairway Mower

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18.4-kW (24.7-hp) Final Tier 4 (FT4) diesel engine offers plenty of power for mowing

Diesel engine Diesel engine
Diesel engine Diesel engine

Power starts with the engine, and the 6080A, 6500A, and 6700A PrecisionCut™ and 6080A and 6500A E-Cut™ Hybrid Fairway Mowers feature a 3-cylinder, 18.4-kW (24.7-hp ) diesel engine that has a strong reputation for power and performance. The engine is FT44 compliant, without the use of a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) or diesel particulate filter (DPF) to lower up-front acquisition costs.


The engine provides power for undulating conditions, while also being able to power fairway tender conditioners and rear roller power brushes while running any reel combination.


The air-intake system is also designed to pull clean air from the front of the machine behind the operator's seat, rather than dirty air from the rear of the machine. This improves engine performance and efficiency during those hot, dusty times of the year.

Electric reel drive system eliminates all potential leak points in the reel circuit

Electric motors drive cutting units Electric motors drive cutting units

Ninety percent of all hydraulic leaks occur in the reel hydraulic circuit, mainly due to the necessity of having flexible hoses extending from the front of the machine for the front reels.


These hoses see a lot of flexing during the mowing day as cutting units are raised and lowered. Cutting units also steer and float to follow undulations, increasing fatigue for the reel motor hoses.


The 6080A, 6500A, 7500A, and 8000A E-Cut™ Hybrid Fairway Mowers have eliminated all reel circuit leak points by removing all hydraulics from the cutting unit drive circuit.


This has eliminated the following hydraulic components:

  • Reel drive section of hydraulic triple pump
  • Hydraulic reel motors
  • Backlapping valve
  • Flexible hoses
  • Fittings
  • Hard lines

Fewer hydraulic components leads to fewer leaks, increasing confidence that the finely manicured turf will not be damaged by hot hydraulic oil spilled onto a playing surface before an important tournament. 

Brushless electric reel motors for compact design and optimal efficiency

Reel motors Reel motors

The electric reel motors on the 6080A, 6500A, 7500A, and 8000A  E-Cut™ Hybrid Fairway Mowers are brushless, allowing them to be compact in size, roughly equal to that of today's hydraulic reel motors. The brushless motors are very efficient, leading to years of optimal performance with very minimal maintenance, and sealed for protection from the elements.

The motors are bidirectional and variable speed, meaning they can spin forward or reverse and at a range of rotational speeds. The motors spin forward for mowing operations and backward for backlapping operations.


A poly-chain belt connects the motor shaft to the reel and rotates the reel when the cutting units are engaged. The internal components of the motor are sealed for long life, durability, and protection from the elements.


Cutting units are easily removed from the cutting unit motors by loosening the two bolts securing the motor to the cutting unit, turning the motor approximately a quarter turn, and pulling the motor from the cutting unit. This can be done in a matter of seconds. A tether prevents damage to the wiring harness when the motor is removed.

48-V, 180-amp alternator powers reel drive motors, requiring no additional batteries on unit

48-V 180-amp 48-V 180-amp

The reel circuit is powered by a 48-V, 180-amp alternator belt-driven by the engine. The alternator supplies constant power to the reel circuit and only generates 48 V when the mow system is engaged.


Due to this design, no additional batteries are required to drive the reel motors on the 6080A, 6500A, 7500A, and 8000A E-Cut™ Hybrid Fairway Mowers. With traditional electrical mowing systems, the frequency of clip would change as the batteries drained while mowing.


A battery pack begins to lose its power immediately when used, but not on the E-Cut Hybrids. Since they still use an engine to drive an alternator, the frequency of clip at the start of the day and at the end of the day is exactly the same, yielding unparalleled quality of cut from start to finish.


Plus, the machine doesn't have to be plugged in to charge the batteries once the day's mowing is done.  The only limitation on run time with the E-Cut Hybrids is making sure the operator starts the day with a full fuel tank, just like with any other gas- or diesel-powered machine on the market today.


The alternator only supplies power to the reel circuit. The remainder of the circuits are powered by a 12-V battery.

Three-wheel stance and smooth tires for excellent maneuverability and after-cut appearance

Smooth tires Smooth tires
Three-wheel stance Three-wheel stance

The 6080A, 6500A, and 6700A PrecisionCut™ and 6080A, 6500A, and 8000A E-Cut™ Hybrid Fairway Mowers help to make fairways that look like greens a reality.

An innovative, smooth tire design minimizes compaction and tire marking, especially in turns, giving a look similar to that from a riding greens mower. The GRIP all-wheel drive traction system works in combination with the smooth tire design to give a greens-quality appearance without sacrificing traction.

These machines also excel at weight distribution, ensuring each tire sees an equal amount of weight over a large tire surface area for a ground pressure that is friendly to the surface of the turf.

This three-wheel stance is common with riding greens mowers in the market today. This provides an after-cut appearance that is so good it looks like the fairways were mowed by a greens mower. The three-wheel stance also excels in maneuverability, allowing for tight turning at the end of passes for increased productivity.

Treaded tire Treaded tire

For those who prefer to use a treaded tire rather than a smooth tire, a fairway tread is also available through Parts.

TechControl display maximizes performance and uptime by allowing more control in operation and diagnostics

TechControl display TechControl display
Password-protected settings Password-protected settings
More control with the TechControl display with a large easy-to-read screen

Passcode-protected TechControl display enables quickly setting or changing mowing speed, turning speed, or transport speed to limit variations in performance by different operators.

Mow setting screen Mow setting screen

Quickly adjust the mow or transport speed to make sure mow speed is what is needed for the changing conditions. The setting can be adjusted precisely using a speedometer app on a smartphone or global positioning system (GPS) device.

Turn-speed setting screen Turn-speed setting screen

Use the TechControl to slow the machine during turns while mowing and protect against turf scuffing and aggressive turning operators.


The turn speed control engages when in mow and the cutting units are lifted for turns. Once the turn is made and the cutting units are lowered, the machine speed returns to the set mow speed.


The turn speed is a percentage of mow speed. When set to 100 percent, turn speed control is off or allows 100 percent of the mow speed in turns. Turn speed setting of 50 percent allows only 50 percent of the set mow speed to be reached during turns.


Here is an example:

Mow speed = 9.66 km/h (6 mph)
Turn speed set at 50 percent
Maximum turning speed will be 4.83 km/h (3 mph)

Input/output screen Input/output screen
Service timers screen Service timers screen

The A-model PrecisionCut™ Mowers, E-Cut™ Hybrid Mowers, and TerrainCut™ Mowers have the latest in advanced diagnostics through the TechControl display. Most all diagnostics are performed while sitting in the operator’s seat.


The TechControl has onboard visual diagnostics allowing quick and easy machine diagnostics, maximizing up time. The system allows technician to see inputs and outputs of the electrical system.  Also, the technician can see stored controller codes on the machine to aide in troubleshooting incidents that may have occurred while on the course.


The TechControl will also display the notification for maintenance of the hydraulic and engine oils using service timers to notify when it has reached the time to perform the required service.

Language settings Language settings

Choose from a list of several languages to use for the TechControl.


Operator warning notifications are incorporated into the TechControl and will alert the operator if a problem arises during operation.




Hydraulic over temp

Hydraulic oil filter restriction

Engine oil pressure low

Engine coolant temperature

Reel motor

Battery voltage

LoadMatch™ electronic setting compensates speed of machine to keep power to the cutting units to maintain cut quality

LoadMatch setting LoadMatch setting

LoadMatch is an electronic setting through the TechControl display that allows managers more control of the machine and how it is operated when out on the course.


Most operators will mow as fast as the mow setting will allow, keeping their traction pedal all the way down. However, in some conditions this can lead to poor cut quality.


One example is getting behind in mowing due to weather conditions. The grass is long and lush and to properly cut that amount of grass at one time, the operator should slow the traction speed. This allows the cutting units to maintain proper turning speed, process the grass, and properly cut in one pass. Not slowing down causes missed grass and an uneven appearance. This affects the after-cut appearance and also reduces productivity by having to mow a second time to properly cut the lush grass.


The LoadMatch feature compensates the traction speed of machine to keep power to the cutting units. In the long, lush conditions described above with LoadMatch engaged, the operator would still have the traction pedal all the way down, but the machine would sense the load and slow the traction speed to properly cut the mowing pass. Once the load is reduced, the machine will return to the normal mow speed.


LoadMatch puts the manager in control of cut quality instead of the operator.

eHydro™ hydrostatic pump for premium ease of use

eHydro™ eHydro™

The traction system in the A-models is driven by a servo-controlled hydrostatic pump. The control of the pump is no longer mechanical linkages, but instead it is electronic.


In total, approximately 94 parts have been eliminated from the traction drive system along with four adjustments compared to prior models. The design reduced the complexity of the drive system, which means no more linkages to adjust or repair, decreased routine maintenance, and more reliable day-in/day-out operation.

Forward/reverse pedals Forward/reverse pedals

The operator will like the eHydro pump, too. The pedal effort has been reduced, thus reducing foot fatigue during many hours of mowing.

GRIP all-wheel drive traction system moves flow from wheels that slip to those that grip

Rear wheel motor Rear wheel motor

The standard GRIP all-wheel drive traction system transfers hydraulic flow from wheels that slip to wheels that grip. For example, if the right front wheel starts to slip, hydraulic flow goes to the left front and rear tires to maintain traction power. This helps provide maximum traction in undulating conditions.


The GRIP all-wheel drive traction system is standard equipment with the 6080A, 6500A, and 6700A PrecisionCut™ and 6080A and 6500A E-Cut™ Hybrid Fairway Mowers and is also engaged at all times, whether in mow or in transport. A check valve in the rear motor puts the machine in two-wheel drive (2WD) in reverse to minimize any potential scuffing.

Double-acting, single-rod hydraulic steering cylinder for lines as straight as a greens mower

Steering cylinder and linkage system Steering cylinder and linkage system

For superintendents who want stripes as straight as they are on the greens, the A-model PrecisionCut™ Mowers and E-Cut™ Hybrid Mowers do exactly that. Utilizing the same style steering cylinder as on the 2550 PrecisionCut and 2550 E-Cut Hybrid Riding Greens Mowers, the PrecisionCut and E-Cut Hybrid Mowers can mow the straightest lines of any mower in the industry today.


Traditional hydraulic cylinders have a rod on only one side of the cylinder. The cylinder on the A-models has one rod that goes through both sides of the cylinder. This equalizes volume and pressure on both sides of the cylinder packing, helping the operator make   perfectly straight lines with little effort.


This system also equalizes the steering effort, meaning easy turns whether turning to the right or to the left.

Easily accessible daily service points mean less maintenance time and more time working

Easy access for cleaning Easy access for cleaning

Easier daily maintenance points are designed into the machine to assist operators with complete daily maintenance and to keep the machine running at peak performance, saving valuable time and money.


For ease of service, all daily engine checks are easily accessible by raising the hood. These service points include an engine-oil level check, a coolant level check, hydraulic fluid level, and an air-restriction indicator.


The A-model PrecisionCut™ Mowers, E-Cut™ Hybrid Mowers, and TerrainCut™ Mowers feature a radiator screen that is easily removed without tools and a tilt-out oil cooler for easy cleaning.

Cutting units are stable and fold inside the front tires for easy transporting

Rubber mounted front up stops Rubber mounted front up stops
Double rear up stop Double rear up stop

The 6500A, 6700A, 7500A, 7700A, and 8700A PrecisionCut™ and 6500A and 7500A E-Cut™ Hybrid Fairway Mowers all have cutting units that contact up stops for transport. These up stops are rubber and limit cutting units from swinging during transport. The lift system also folds the two wing units inside the tires to limit possibility of damage to the wing units when transporting through and around objects on the course.

Key Specs

Maximum rated horsepower At 3000 rpm: 18.4 kW
24.7 hp
Drive pump Axial piston, electronically controlled hydrostatic traction pump; single gear pump for steering, lift, and charge; electric reel drive
Ground pressure 69 kPa
10 psi
Throttle Hand throttle
Operator display TechControl display located on CommandARM™ console: machine warnings, onboard electrical diagnostics, service timers on large easy-to-read screen, quick on-the-go settings for mow and transport speed, Turn Speed, LoadMatch™ switch, and ON/OFF cruise control use selection
All settings passcode protected
Mowing speed 12.8 km/h
8 mph
Cutting unit size Quick Adjust 5 (QA5): 55.9 cm
22 in.
Total width of cut 254 cm
100 in.
Reel diameter 12.7 cm
5 in.
Frequency of clip (FOC Reels) OR Blade tip speed (decks) 11- blade: 0.69 mm/km/h
0.044 in./mph
7-blade: 1.09 mm/km/h
0.069 in./mph


Type Indirect inject diesel
Compliant emission regulation United States and Canada: Tier 4
Horsepower Maximum rated horsepower
At 3000 rpm: 18.4 kW
24.7 hp
Cylinders Three
Displacement 1.267 L
77.32 cu in.
Air cleaner Two-stage dry element
Fuel Diesel up to B20 compliant
Cooling system Liquid centrifugal pump; forward machine location for optimum cooling


Traction drive
Drive pump Axial piston, electronically controlled hydrostatic traction pump; single gear pump for steering, lift, and charge; electric reel drive
Cutting units drive
Hydraulic system capacity 37.8 L
10 U.S. gal.
Fuel tank capacity 60.6 L
16 U.S. gal.
Steering Hydraulic power with double-acting steering cylinder
Front drive tires 26.5x14-12 smooth
Steering tires 24x13-12 smooth
Ground pressure 69 kPa
10 psi
Brakes Internal hydraulic wet disc brakes with dynamic braking through closed loop hydrostatic system
ROPS Standard; meets ISO 21299 Standard

Operating weight

Cutting units lowered 1106 kg
2438 lb
Canopy, fairway tender conditioners, and power brushes installed with full fuel


Throttle Hand throttle
Forward/reverse Two pedal
Mower lift One-touch single handle
Parking brake Electric switch on CommandARM for internal wet disk brakes
Seat Suspension seat with seat belts and armrest, fore/aft adjustment, and weight and lumbar adjustment
PTO Electric switch on CommandARM
Work lights
Tilt steering Left-foot operated for easy adjustment
Operator display TechControl display located on CommandARM: machine warnings, onboard electrical diagnostics, service timers on large easy-to-read screen, quick on-the-go settings for mow and transport speed, Turn Speed, LoadMatch, and ON/OFF cruise control use selection
All settings passcode protected
Storage Cup holder, two-way radio, and large operator storage located on left-hand side of operator station


Height with ROPS 217.3 cm
85.6 in.
Length 307.2 cm
121 in.
Transport width 217.5 cm
85.6 in.
Mowing position width 284.6 cm
112 in.
Ground speed Mowing
0 to 12.8 km/h
0 to 8.0 mph
0 to 16.1 km/h
0 to 10.0 mph
0 to 9.7 km/h
0 to 6.0 mph

Cutting Units

Number Five
Size Quick Adjust 5 (QA5): 55.9 cm
22 in.
Total width of cut 254 cm
100 in.
Height of cut Requires optional bedknife for lowest HOC and 76.2-mm (3-in.) roller for highest HOC: 2-28.5 mm
0.078-1.125 in.
Frequency of clip (FOC Reels) OR Blade tip speed (decks) Rollers
Options available: 50.8 mm
2 in.
63.5 mm
2.5 in.
76.2 mm
3 in.
11- blade: 0.69 mm/km/h
0.044 in./mph
7-blade: 1.09 mm/km/h
0.069 in./mph
Reel diameter 12.7 cm
5 in.
Bedknife adjustment

Sound levels

Operator ear full engine
Operator ear reduced engine rpm (2300 rpm)
Measuring standard ISO 11201
Attachments installed Fairway tender conditioners, reels engaged

Fuel Economy

Actual Fuel usage will vary depending on course conditions, operation, turf and fuel quality


Type Two-year limited


Type ANSI B71.4-2017

Additional information

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