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John Deere 225 E-Cut™ Electric Walk Greens Mower

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Virtually silent operation opens up the operating window

Lithium Ion battery back Lithium Ion battery back

The 58-volt, 3.56 kwh (maximum) Lithium Ion battery pack, combined with electric reel and traction motors, provides for virtuatlly silent operation, especially when proper bedknife to reel clearances of .001” are maintained.

  • Friendly to both operators and neighbors
  • Opens up the operating window to include early and late evening mowing with zero disruption

The reel and traction motors utilize the same design and proven technology as the traditional reel motors on the 2500E, 2550, 2700, and 2750 E-Cut™ Hybrid Triplex Mowers.

Electric traction motor Electric traction motor
Electric reel motor Electric reel motor

58-Volt, 3.56 kwh Lithium Ion battery pack mows up to 50,000 square feet on a single charge

Lithium Ion battery back Lithium Ion battery back

A 58-volt, 3.56 kwh (maximum) Lithium Ion battery pack provides plenty of power for mowing up to 50,000 square feet of turf on a single charge. 

  • On greens that average 6,500 square feet of turf, this equates to approximately 7-8 greens.
  • More or less greens may be mowed depending on the size of greens on the course and how much the unit is transported on the transport wheels.

The included 700-watt charger will-recharge the battery pack from 0% to 100% within 5-6 hours.  Charging will be quicker when re-charging before the battery is fully depleted.

Battery Charger Battery Charger

Advanced, passcode-protected TechControl display provides cut quality, regardless of operator

TechControl Display TechControl Display

Already popular on many E-Cut™ Hybrid, TerrainCut™, and PrecisionCut™ mowers, the TechControl display has now made it’s way to walk greens mowers!  The TechControl is passcode-protected, and allows the supervisor to program a variety of parameters into the display, controlling how the operator is able to use the machine.  This ensures that all operators are providing the same quality of cut, regardless of which operator is using which machine.


This level of operator control is what every supervisor wants!  Even the most novice operators can look very seasoned in a quick period of time. 


Some of the key features on the TechControl display include:

  • Maximum mowing speed
  • Maximum transport speed
  • Fixed Reel Speed mode
  • Frequency of Clip mode
  • Cleanup Pass mode
  • Backlap mode

Height and fore/aft adjustable handlebar provides premium operator comfort, especially in turns

Handlebar height adjustment Handlebar height adjustment

To provide comfort across a wide range of operator heights, the 185 and 225 E-Cut™ Electric Walk Greens Mowers feature both a handlebar height adjustment and a handlebar fore/aft adjustment.


The height adjustment requires no tools and offers 10 different settings across a 4” range of motion. Operators can simply squeeze the clasp and push down to lower the handlebar, or squeeze the clasp and the gas shock will assist in moving the handlebar upward.


The fore/aft adjustment does require tools to adjust the u-shaped bracket below the handlebar.  There are two positions the bracket can be bolted into.  The more forward position places the handlebar in a more vertical position, shortening the overall machine length and making it easier to move in some situations where there might be tighter areas to make turns.  The more rearward position places the handlebar in the same position as the 180 and 220 E-Cut™ Hybrid Walk Greens Mowers.

Handlebar fore/aft adjustment Handlebar fore/aft adjustment

Ball-joint mounting system for contour following in all directions, even steering

Ball-joint mounting system Ball-joint mounting system

The primary purpose of walk greens mowers with independent cutting units is to follow contours. It is in this area the 180 E-Cut™ and 220 E-Cut Hybrid Walk Greens Mowers truly excel.


Ball-joint mounting system


It all starts with the ball-joint mounting system that attaches the cutting unit to the traction drive system. Similar to the PrecisionCut™, E-Cut hybrid riding greens mowers, and fairway mowers with Quick-Adjust 5 (QA5) cutting units, the ball-mounting system allows the cutting unit to rotate in any direction.


The cutting unit not only moves fore and aft, and laterally side-to-side, it also steers in turns, which translates to a much more turf-friendly premium cut in cleanup passes around the perimeter of the green.


Due to the ball-joint design, and also the fact that the wiring harness is the only connection to the reel drive system, the cutting unit has virtually no mechanical linkage to restrict movement of the cutting unit in the toughest of undulations.


It is basically a one-gang triplex, and many are familiar with how well the PrecisionCut and E-Cut hybrid riding greens mowers follow contours, especially in the cleanup passes.


For maintenance, the reel can be removed by simply removing a pin, and the electric motor itself features a quick-attach design by simply loosening two 15-mm bolts, turning the motor slightly, and pulling the motor off of the cutting unit.

Cutting unit limit chains Cutting unit limit chains


Control contour following


Limit chains on each side of the cutting unit control how much the cutting unit contours while mowing, while also controlling the amount of rear-roller drop when the unit is lifted for turns.


The initial setting of the chain is exactly the same as the 2500B PrecisionCut and 2500E E-Cut Hybrid Riding Greens Mowers. Two links should hang free, which means the chain itself is shortened to seven links. The upper chain anchor studs should be centered in their slots. This setting provides maximum contour following and maximum rear-roller drop when lifted.


However, the majority of greens will not require maximum contour following. Turning and maneuvering are easiest when the amount of contour following is limited to the requirements of the surface being mowed. 


To limit the contour following of the cutting units, adjust the upper chain anchor studs backward in the slots to limit float and reduce the rear-roller drop. If further limitation is desired, shorten the chain to six links (three hanging free), and move the upper chain anchor studs forward in their slots.

Dual traction rolls for straight tracking and excellent maneuverability

Traction drum Traction drum

The dual traction rolls for the rear drum are powered by an external differential drive. This design provides equal power to both rolls for the straightest possible tracking. The external differential drive and split drum work together to allow minimal turning efforts and excellent maneuverability when making turns and mowing cleanup passes.


The traction-drive rolls are constructed of aluminum, which offers corrosion resistance for durability and a long life. The smooth roller surface on the 180 E-Cut™ and 220 E-Cut Hybrid Walk Greens Mowers provide an evenly-rolled appearance on greens and other mowing surfaces.


The outside ends of the traction rolls are tapered to provide a smooth transition between the rolled and non-rolled surface areas.

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