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Features Benefits
Cat. 1 or 2 Hitch Fits a wider variety of tractors by fitting Cat. 1 & 2
2 7/8" Yoke 3/16"+ Wall thickness for strength
3 1/2" Reinforced boom 7/32" Wall with 3/8" x 2" bar for strength
Auger flighting Constant thickness on 1/4" flighting vs. tapered.
Replaceable hardened steel points on auger Hardened points will last longer than non-hardened. Points can easily be replaced when worn or damaged. Cast steel auger fishtail tips.
Gearbox HP rating 25 Series: 25-55 HP and 35 Series: 30-75 HP.
2" Output shaft Fits most other auger manufacturers for users who don’t need a new auger
Cat. 3 driveline with shear-pin or optional radial pin clutch Protection against obstructions. Radial pin works like a ‘ratchet’ to continually put driving force on the auger in tough conditions.
Large selection of augers Variety of Dirt Auger and Rock Auger sizes and styles to suit many applications.
Large selection of Bolt-on
Rock Heads (accessory)
All sizes of Land Pride PD25 and PD35 Pengo Dirt Augers can be converted to Rock
Augers with this accessory.
Alignment handle (optional) Guide the auger from the tractor seat.
Down pressure kit (optional) Allows additional force to be supplied, hydraulically, to the beam to help force digger into the ground.
Post Hole Digger stand (optional) Bracket mounted to bottom of gearbox can incorporate a Post Hole Digger stand. This allows operator to hook up and unhook from tractor more safely. Stand supports unit and will store unit when it is not on the tractor.


Model PD25
Tractor HP Range 25 to 55 HP
Weight Without Auger 186 lbs
Auger Length 48"
Auger Flight Thickness 1/4"
Auger Pipe 2 1/2" ID
Auger Teeth Forged, Individually Replaceable; 40 Degree angle installed on flat side; 50 Degree angle installed on angled side
Number of Teeth (6" - 2 teeth) (9" & 12" - 4 teeth) (15" - 5 teeth) (18" - 6 teeth) (24" - 8 teeth)
Pilot Cast Steel, 3 Drill points
Driveline Cat. Cat. III Shear bolt - Standard; Cat. III Radial pin clutch - Optional (Recommended on Auger Sizes 15" and above.)
Maximum Operating PTO Speed 300 RPM
Gearbox 1 3/8" 6B spline input shaft, 3.18:1 Ratio
Gearbox Oil Capacity & Type 4.6 Pints of SAE80-90W EP oil
Output Shaft 2" O.D. Round
3-Point Hitch Cat. Cat. I & II
Boom 3 1/2" O.D
Yoke 2 7/8" O.D.