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Features Benefits
Four-in-one bucket design Can be used as a standard bucket, clamshell bucket, grapple, or dozer.
Attaches to power equipment easily Uses Skid Steer Quick Hitch design for quick and easy attachment
1 1/4" Pivot pins Large diameter pins for extra strength.
Jaw pivot pins have greasable hardened bushings Bushings can be replaced if needed.
Reinforced bucket Adds strength and rigidity to the bucket, clamshell, and dozer features of the fourin-one bucket.
Serrated interlocking grapple teeth on bucket side panels Various sizes, shapes, and weights of objects can be picked-up and held securely in the serrated teeth.
Replaceable bucket side cutters Stiffens and protects bucket front side panel corners.
Reversible and replaceable clamshell blades Reversible blades extends the life of the blade and can be replaced to extend the life of the bucket.
Reversible and replaceable front cutting edge when included with jaw Reversible front cutting edge extends the life of the blade and can be replaced to extend the life of the bucket.
Replaceable tooth tips when teeth are included with jaw Can be easily replaced as they wear or break.
Optional Equipment 
Spill guard Helps protect the operator against spills over the back side of the bucket and increases capacity.
Counterbalance valve Prevents hydraulic bleed-off / improves cylinder control.


Specifications & Capacities CB2568
Hitch type Universal Quick Attach Hitch
Without teeth
With teeth

996 (452)
943 (428)
Optional weights
Spill guard
Counterbalance valve

24 (11)
13 (6)
Overall width 71 (1.8)
Clamshell opening 33 (83.8)
Bucket capacity with & without spill guard
Struck full
Heaped full
13.45 (.38)
18.45 (.52)

10.09 (.29)
15.20 (.43)
Hydraulic cylinder pins  1 (2.5) dia. greasable rod pivot pins 1 (2.5) dia. greasable rod pivot pins
Jaw pivot pins in (cm) 1 1/4 (3.2) dia. greasable pivot pins 1 1/4 (3.2) dia. greasable pivot pins
Hydraulic cylinder in (cm) 2.5 x 8 x 1 1/4 (6.4 x 20.3 x 3.2) Rod
Maximum hydraulic pressure psi (KPa) 3500 (24132) 3500 (24132)