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Mi-T-M Biological Recycle Systems - BIO-35Series

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Benefits: Low maintenance · Low operating costs · Simple equipment operation

Components: ETL listed NEMA-4 rated corrosion-proof control panel for safe and reliable operation · Hose connectors are clearly marked and designed for easy accessibility and quick installation · Mazzei® venturi air injection system, 55-0126, sustains beneficial aerobic microbes while preventing bacteria from turning odorous and anaerobic · Aeration pump, 3-0397 · Transfer pump, 3-0399 · Pressure manifold set-up is standard on BIO-20R-0M11 and BIO-20R-1M11 · Durable "True Union" valve · Slope bottom tanks are standard

Recommended Applications:
· Rental Yards
· Golf Courses
· Heavy Equipment Dealers
· Trucking Facilities
· Military Bases
· Truck Rental Fleets
· Diesel Repair Facilities
· Forklift Washing Operations
· Aircraft Maintenance and Restoration
· Shipyards
· Municipalities/State DOTs
· Oil Fields
· Engine Rebuilders and Manufacturers

Models Available:
BIO-35R-0M10 - 230V, 1Ø, 25.0A; Marine Aluminum
BIO-35R-1M10 - 230V, 1Ø, 25.0A; Stainless-Steel
BIO-35R-0M30 - 230V, 3Ø, 15.0A; Marine Aluminum
BIO-35R-1M30 - 230V, 3Ø, 15.0A; Stainless-Steel

230/208/460V 3Ø available on all models as options

The Importance of a Proper Pit System:
Once equipment is washed, the untreated wash water flows into your pit system. A proper pit system for your application is the first step in proper wash water treatment and a critical element in any wash water recycle system.

Consult Mi-T-M Corporation or your local distributor to determine the pit system configuration that works best for your application.


Flow Rate 0-35 GPM
Biological Media 6,480 sq. ft.
Tank Capacity 2,244 gallon
Sump Pump (Included) 1/2 HP
Transfer Pump 2.0 HP
Weights & Dimensions  
Net Weight 0.00 lbs.
Shipping Weight 1900.00 lbs.
Length 144.00 in.
Width 84.00 in.
Height 60.00 in.